Why this blog?

I decided on the title One Disciple because I am simply one of the many, many disciples of Jesus Christ.  It is my hope that this blog will be a source of encouragement and teaching for other disciples as I share what I am learning on my journey in the faith.

This blog will also be for the promotion of good information from proven sources.  That is, proven disciples dead and alive who have been or are also on this journey in the kingdom and looking for the coming of Christ.

Finally, I hope this blog becomes a coffee shop where interaction can begin and become an impetus for more growth.  Just as Aslan calls to the children in the final scene of The Last Battle, “Farther up!  Farther in!”, so I want to leave the shallows behind and plunge into the depths and climb the peaks.  Please join me.

My goal is a Biblically informed understanding of God so that I may be a maturing disciple and an accurate, passionate, proclaimer of all that Jesus commanded his disciples.  Simply, I want to Glorify God and Enjoy Him.  Forever.


Steve Kreis,