This page is for Links to online resources that I have used extensively.  You will notice that many of the links are to audio.  I find that I listening when driving (Caution!  Interesting material can be very distracting.) and when walking with the dog or making breakfast or… is a great way to learn new material.



World Magazine – We get the print edition but you can register and read online.   sbr012614dapr




The Briefing _       Dr. Albert Mohler; President of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; He reviews key news reports in the New York Times and many other leading papers.  Very insightful analysis.



Monergism   This is an inexhaustible library of audio, video, and books.

Westminster Seminary, Westminster Seminary California, Covenant Theological Seminary, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, all subscribed to in iTunes U.  Blow back your hair, sit down and hold on, audio study on your computer, iPhone or whatever device.



Boy reading in the libraryPut a link on your browser to CCEL, Christian Classics Ethereal Library,  to find a vast resource of historic texts by Giants in the faith starting with the early church fathers.


To keep track of your library I found the perfect and amazing site, Library Thing!  They have it covered!  I have over 500 books organized by the Library of Congress system on this site.  If a flood or fire destroys my library I can get the list from here for Insurance.  If I want to check on where a text is in my library I can go to my Library Thing and use it like a card catalog.  When I need to add a new purchase I can enter it by ISBN or Author or Title etc.   There is much more at Library Thing.

For the best catalog system use the Library of Congress system.  I have looked up old texts, out of print (but I have it) and found the number at the Library of Congress. of congress