Hello? Anyone there? Ah well…

pen and paperGentlemen,

I use the address “gentlemen” because I don’t have lots of “followers” on Facebook or Twitter.  The fact of the matter is I don’t have time for those formats.  I have too much I need to do and simply am no good at “multitasking.”  Therefore I think I know personally the handful of men that may have the interest, and take time, to read what I write here.  To any Lady who also may read this blog please forgive me my ignorance of your presence and correct me.

In the past I have posted very little (one previous post is displayed at the moment) which I know is a sure way to make a blog fade even from the memory of those closest to me.  Why have I failed to post?  Because I have had little that I felt was of any value, especially in light of the giants in the faith just a click away.  But I will now start posting.  I went to bed last night regretting that I had not held the reins tighter on my exuberance during a conversation earlier in the evening.  My hope is that in writing here that overflow will be mitigated.  I will use this as a place to let my reflections and wonder about God and his Word overflow in a more controlled manner that doesn’t require the other person to hang up or leave the room abruptly just to get away from the overflow.  (My brother Dan did not hang up on me.  A true sign of his endurance and patience!)

I realize that posting my reflections is one of the things that the internet is full of and a reason to kill most blogs, possibly this one included.  But, I will still write for my own reflection and on the chance that there is some poor soul in my “circle” of friends and family that in a rare, spare minute reads and may even comment on a post.  If one does respond I will enthusiastically read the response and gain, possibly more by the comment than by my post, my thanks in advance.


Very well,

I begin…